Are you a Morning Person or a Evening Person?

Are you full of energy around midnight?

Is your biggest meal of the day – Dinner?

Do you bring out your best while working @nights?

If your answer to the above questions in YES, then you are a Evening Person (a person who tends to stay up until late at night).


Recent research study on behavioural traits of morning people and evening people has presented many interesting factors.

  • It says morning people are agreeable, optimistic, stable, traditional, proactive, conscientious & most satisfied in the life while evening people are Creative, intelligent, humorous, extroverted, pessimistic, neurotic & depressed.
  • Morning people tend to wake up at the same time everyday, whereas evening people sleep in when they get a chance.
  • When it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards as they anticipate problems & try to minimize them.
  • Evening people are smarter and more creative, and have a better sense of humor than that of morning people.

If companies have large proportion of employees who are evening people then they should leverage on this diversity to contribute significantly to their quantity & quality of their productivity. For eg: Evening people seem to be more common in the media jobs and in jobs involving creativity.
Music Director - A R Rehman enjoys composing music more in the evenings than in early mornings.

So, Do you consider yourself a Morning person or a Evening person? 

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